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An Australian education institution and 13+ affiliated universities approached our creative agency with a need for regular external communication with their students, prospective students and agencies along with internal communication as well. They required a bulk of creatives, website maintenance, and videos to maintain a strong online presence. They also needed a solution that would help them improve their communication while reducing the time and resources required to produce creative assets.


Reaching and Engaging Students Effectively

The institution struggled to reach and communicate with its target audience of students, resulting in limited engagement and awareness of their courses and educational offerings.

Complex Course Communication

 The institution offered a wide range of courses, including many that were highly technical and specialized. Communicating the details and benefits of these courses to prospective students in a clear and engaging manner proved to be a significant challenge.

Creating Engaging E-Learning Materials


Developing e-learning materials that were both informative and engaging was a struggle for the institution. They needed a solution to make their online educational content more interactive and appealing to students.


Maintaining Brand Presence on Social Media


The institution faced difficulties in maintaining a consistent and engaging presence on social media platforms. They needed to strengthen their online brand identity and effectively communicate with their target audience through social media channels.


Managing Creative Collateral for Offline Marketing


The institution faced challenges in managing their offline marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and promotional items. Coordinating the production and distribution of these materials across multiple campuses and locations was a time-consuming and resource-intensive task.


These challenges were hindering the institution's ability to effectively reach, engage, and communicate with their students, promote their courses, and maintain a strong brand presence both online and offline.

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Effective Student Communication Strategy

We revamped the education institution’s communication channels to address the challenge of reaching and communicating with students effectively. This included updating the website with comprehensive and up-to-date information about courses, campus life, and events. We also developed digital creatives tailored for online platforms and print materials for in-store branding and offline communication. These efforts ensured that students received timely and relevant information through various channels, facilitating better communication and engagement.

Simplified Course Communication


To simplify the communication of complex courses, we created visually engaging and informative videos. These videos utilized data visualization, animations, and PowerPoint presentations to present course details, curriculum highlights, and career opportunities in a simplified and compelling manner. By leveraging visual representations, we made it easier for prospective students to understand the courses and make informed decisions.


Engaging E-Learning Materials


To enhance the engagement level of e-learning materials, we incorporated various interactive elements such as data visualization, animation, and multimedia elements. We transformed traditional content into dynamic and visually appealing formats, including interactive PowerPoint presentations, engaging videos, and interactive quizzes. These enhancements made the learning experience more interactive, immersive, and enjoyable for students.


Social Media Management


We took charge of managing the education institution's social media presence, addressing the challenge of maintaining a strong brand presence. Our team created compelling digital creatives, short videos, GIFs, and infographics to resonate with the target audience. We ensured consistent delivery of engaging content, adhering to tight timelines. By actively managing the social media platforms, we boosted the institution's online visibility, increased audience engagement, and attracted prospective students.


Effective Offline Marketing


To enhance the effectiveness of offline marketing, we provided comprehensive support in creating print creatives for various purposes. This included designing event collateral, brochures, flyers, posters, and other offline marketing materials. Our creative team ensured that these materials aligned with the institution's branding guidelines, effectively conveying key messages and generating interest among the target audience.

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Expanded student reach and effective communication

  • Amplified online presence through updated website, social media, and digital creatives.
  • Strengthened offline communication with captivating print creatives for in-store branding and marketing.


Simplified comprehension of complex courses

  • Transformed intricate concepts into easily understandable videos, enabling better student engagement and comprehension.

Enhanced engagement with interactive e-learning materials


  • Utilized data visualization, animation, and interactive elements to create captivating e-learning resources.


Heightened brand presence and engagement on social media


  • Managed social media platforms with dynamic digital creatives, concise videos, animated GIFs, and impactful infographics.
  • Ensured consistent delivery of high-quality content within challenging timelines.


Optimized offline marketing collateral for maximum impact


  • Provided comprehensive print creatives for offline marketing, including event collateral and other promotional materials.
  • Streamlined the management of offline marketing efforts for enhanced effectiveness.


The institution experienced the following outcomes as a result of our solutions


  • Expanded student engagement and seamless communication channels.
  • Elevated brand visibility, recognition, and audience interaction.
  • Enhanced learning experience through captivating and interactive e-learning materials.
  • Strengthened offline marketing impact with professionally designed collateral.
  • Overall improvement in the institution's communication strategies and marketing effectiveness.


These outcomes demonstrate the transformative impact our solutions had on the institution, addressing their initial challenges and driving significant improvements across various aspects of their operations.


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