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Leveraging Creatives, Websites, and Videos for Increase Impact of Corporate CSR

Inspired by a deeply personal connection, the founder of a prominent corporate group recognized the challenges faced by backstage artists and technicians in their relentless pursuit of consistent work and recognition. Driven by a genuine belief in the value of their contributions and the transformative power of support, this compassionate advocate took it upon themselves to make a difference.

With an unwavering commitment to uplifting these unsung heroes, they established a CSR division within his corporate group. By leveraging the creative expertise of A1 Future, their vision has come to life, fostering a movement that empowers, uplifts, and amplifies the voices of backstage artists and technicians, making a lasting impact on their lives and the industry as a whole.


The CSR divisions of a large corporate group aimed to address the challenges faced by backstage artists and technicians in finding consistent work and receiving the recognition they deserve. They sought to make a positive impact on the lives of these individuals who often face job insecurity and are undervalued in the industry.

What We Did

A1 Future took on the responsibility of driving the creative presence of the CSR divisions. Our comprehensive services included:

Designed Event Collateral

We designed visually appealing event collateral that showcased the initiatives and conveyed the message of supporting backstage artists and technicians. Our designs helped create a strong visual identity for the CSR events and attracted the attention of the target audience.

Video Production for Dancers and Testimonials


We produced high-quality videos that highlighted the talents of dancers and gathered testimonials from backstage artists and technicians. Through careful video editing, we ensured that their stories were compelling and showcased their skills, challenges, and aspirations. These videos served as powerful tools for raising awareness and generating empathy among the viewers.


Social Media Management and Engagement


A1 Future managed the CSR divisions' social media presence, leveraging creative content and strategic campaigns to increase engagement and reach a wider audience. We crafted captivating social media creatives that conveyed the message of support for backstage artists and technicians, encouraging online interactions and sharing of the CSR initiatives.


Website Management and Updates


We maintained and updated the CSR divisions' websites with relevant and timely information. By providing regular updates about events, initiatives, and the impact created, we ensured that the websites served as a comprehensive resource for visitors to learn about the CSR activities and engage with the cause.

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On CSR Organizations:

Increased Visibility and Awareness

The CSR organizations experienced heightened visibility and awareness for their initiatives. Our professional design, engaging videos, and captivating social media presence helped attract attention, generate interest, and spread the message of support for backstage artists and technicians.

Enhanced Brand Image and Credibility


With the support of A1 Future, the CSR organizations established a strong and credible brand image. The cohesive design, impactful videos, and well-managed websites showcased their dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of backstage artists and technicians.


Increased Engagement and Participation


Our engaging videos, testimonials, and social media creatives played a vital role in increasing engagement and participation in the CSR events. The visually appealing content inspired the target audience to get involved, attend events, and support the cause, leading to a broader network of support and a greater impact on the lives of backstage artists and technicians.

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As a result of the collaboration with A1 Future, the CSR organizations were able to maintain a strong online presence, engage the audience through creative assets, and create awareness about the challenges faced by backstage artists and technicians. The corporate group’s CSR reputation was enhanced, leading to a positive public perception and increased employee engagement.

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