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A User-Centric Website Redesign Driving Market Share and Revenue for a Software Company


A point of sale software company, which specializes in providing multi-functional software for petrol pump management, approached us with the challenge of increasing their market share and topline r on traditional lead sourcing practices like word of mouth and referrals, which were not yielding the desired revenue through a structured inbound lead sourcing process. The company had been relying.


To address the challenge, we focused on redesigning the company’s website and optimizing it for a seamless user experience, with a mobile-first approach. Our approach involved the following steps:

Understanding User Behavior:

We analyzed user behavior through Google Analytics and heat maps to understand why the bounce rate was over 70% and the average session duration was less than a minute. Based on our research, we found that the website’s complex navigation and unstructured user flow were the primary reasons for this.

Developing Insights:


To address these issues, we spoke to the target group (petrol pump owners) to understand their needs and expectations from the website. We also worked with the company's marketing team to identify the relevant content and CTAs that would help drive traffic to the sales team.


Creating a User Journey Map:


We developed an ideal user journey map with clearly defined CTAs, allowing users to navigate the website and access the information they need in the minimum number of steps.


Designing Infographics and Visualizations: 


We created concise and easy-to-understand infographics and data visualizations to communicate key information about the software's features and benefits.

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Our solution had a significant impact on the company’s online presence and revenue. The following points highlight the impact of our solution:

Reduced Bounce Rate: 

Within six months of implementing our solution, the bounce rate decreased from 70% to 30%.

Increased Average Session Duration: 

The average session duration increased from less than a minute to 1.5 minutes.

Higher Pages Per Session:


Users began accessing more pages per session, indicating that they were finding relevant information and staying engaged with the website.


Mobile-First Approach: 


Our mobile-first approach made the website accessible to a wider audience, resulting in an increase in website traffic and potential leads.


Enhanced Brand Image:


The revamped website played a pivotal role in the company's social media and Google campaigns, enhancing its brand image and reputation. Overall, our solution helped the company achieve its objective of increasing its topline revenue and market share through a structured inbound lead sourcing proces

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