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Transforming a Pharma Seminar Booth.

Client Delight on a Tight 2-Day Deadline with Design Precision and Speed


Our creative agency received a request from a pharma client to design the backdrop for their seminar booth. The challenge was that the client needed the design completed on a very short notice of just 2 days. Moreover, the design had to be divided into 3 different creatives for printing purposes.


Our team proposed a streamlined process to meet the tight deadlines and adhere to the brand guidelines of the pharmaceutical company.

Streamlined Process to Meet the Deadline


We immediately assigned a dedicated team to work on the project and created a streamlined process to ensure that the project was completed within three days. Our team quickly understood the client's requirements and began working on the design. We provided multiple design options for each of the three creatives, allowing the client to choose the best one that suited their brand guidelines and preferences.


Intense Collaboration and Communication


Our team collaborated closely with the client to understand their brand guidelines, preferences, and requirements. We ensured that the design was tailor-made to the client's specifications and delivered the required output within the given time frame. The client provided multiple modifications during the design process, which our team took into account and incorporated in the final design.

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Meeting Tight Deadlines

Our team worked efficiently and tirelessly to deliver the required output within the given short notice of just 3 days. We ensured that the quality of work was not compromised and the design met the client’s specifications

Client Satisfaction

The client was highly satisfied with our work and appreciated our dedication and commitment to meeting their requirements. The multiple modifications requested by the client during the design process were taken into account and incorporated into the final design.

Overall Impact

Our team’s ability to meet tight deadlines and provide expertise in design and printing helped the pharma client to successfully present their brand at the seminar. The client appreciated our dedication and commitment to meeting their requirements and continues to work with us on a long-term basis.

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