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Simplify Candidate Assessments
With AI Powered Hiring

Automate Your Hiring Process With AI And Streamline Candidate Assessment For More Effective And Efficient Talent Acquisition

What Sets Our Approach Apart!

Time and Resource Efficiency

Reduce time and efforts being invested in manual hiring by automating the entire process with our AI Solution.

Bias-Free Assessments

Eliminate bias by employing a standardized process, enhancing candidate assessment and ensuring fair evaluations.

Inventory Management

Enhanced Data Management

Easily manage and track candidate interviews, responses, and feedback through our integrated system.

Identify Top Talent

Improve Candidate Quality and elevate the overall quality of your team with personalized questions, standard assessment, robust analysis and scoring.

Wondering How It’s Done?

Custom Generated

Begin by specifying the skills, competencies, and attributes or simply by uploading a CV. Our AI system uses this provided information to generate interview questions that align with your specific hiring goals

Automate Interviewing Assessment

The platform can assess skills, culture compatibility, response level, and more in real-time. Know candidates better by eliminating unconscious bias, encouraging insightful answers, and assessing skills and cultural compatibility.

Robotic Video Analysis

AI Robotic Video Interviews analyze the body language, speech patterns and any unconscious habits candidates exhibit during an interview in real-time and create a transcript. Then, machine Learning technology turns recorded interviews into meaningful data.

Automated Interview Scoring

Automated Interview Scoring helps you efficiently narrow down your applicant pool by identifying your top choices with a custom scorecard report.

Why You Should Choose This Solution.

To get a better understanding –


Question Diversity

Our AI ensures that the questions cover a wide range of topics, from technical skills to behavioral traits, providing a comprehensive evaluation based on the information of each candidate.


Scalability & Efficiency

As the number of applicants increases our tool can be scaled to meet the demand without the need to hire additional human interviewers. You can also work on the questions for different candidates at the same time.


Multiple Language Support

In addition to 2D AI Humans that speak Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English in their native languages, 3D Humans that speak more than 200 languages around the world can provide consulting services.


Mobile-First Branded Experience

Ensure candidates feel comfortable, confident, and respected in your recruiting process with a modern & mobile-first experience approach.


Our AI system utilizes the information provided, such as skills, competencies, and attributes, or the candidate's CV, to tailor interview questions for each candidate. It ensures that the questions cover a wide range of topics, from technical skills to behavioral traits.

Yes, our AI can generate interview questions at scale, making it efficient for hiring multiple candidates concurrently. This scalability saves you time and effort during the hiring process.

Absolutely. The AI algorithm tailors questions to each candidate's unique experience, helping you conduct more effective and personalized assessments.

Our system can be scaled to meet the demand, accommodating any number of applicants without the need to hire additional human interviewers.

In addition to the languages mentioned earlier, we offer support in more than 200 languages worldwide, ensuring a diverse and inclusive hiring process.

Our system is designed to be user-friendly, and no extensive training is required. We provide simple guidelines to help you make the most of this AI-powered tool.