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A startup that had initially seen success had reached its growth stage and was looking to expand and diversify. The company had an excellent product, a good team, and strong finances. However, it was facing a challenge with its marketing strategy. Building a brand takes time, and the company wanted its sub-brands to be perceived in the same way as its parent brand.


Brand Guideline and Brand Book Creation

The branding agency created a brand guideline and brand book (bible of brand) that defined the brand, its logo design, color palette, font style, and entire set of internal communication collaterals like visiting cards, letterheads, and gifting items. This helped establish a clear brand identity and ensured consistency in communication across all touchpoints of the brand.

Target Audience Analysis


Through discussions and brainstorming sessions with the client, the branding agency identified the target audience of the brand as male, 35-60 years HNIs, Large Business Group Owners, Serial Entrepreneur, and institutional investors. This helped the agency create a design concept that would effectively communicate with this audience.


Brand Perception Analysis


The branding agency identified the brand perception of the company as an active and leading early-stage investment platform. They also identified the desired communication style as innovators, trustworthy, and professional. Based on this analysis, the agency created a design concept that aligned with the brand's desired perception and communication style.

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Consistent Communication

The brand guidelines ensured consistent communication across all touchpoints of the brand. It helped create a unified brand message that was maintained across all platforms, from websites to social media.

Increased Brand Perception


The new design concept and brand guideline helped improve the company's brand perception. It helped the brand to communicate more effectively with its target audience, resulting in an increase in its customer base.


Improved Internal Communication


The creation of a brand book and internal communication collaterals like visiting cards, letterheads, and gifting items helped improve internal communication within the company. It helped maintain a unified brand message across all departments.

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The solution provided by the branding agency was fundamental to the company’s success in building a consistent brand message. The brand guidelines acted as custodians of the brand, ensuring that the same communication was maintained across all touchpoints. With a strong brand message, the company was able to increase its customer base and improve internal communication, resulting in overall growth for the company.

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