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Activity & Attendance Reporting
With No Internet or Smartphones

Effortless Reporting for Your Remote Teams


Curious About What the App
Can Assist You With?

Attendance Reporting

Effortlessly track attendance using SMS communication. Users send predefined messages for clock-in and clock-out, facilitating accurate and simple attendance recording, ideal for areas with limited internet or smartphone access.

Activity Reporting

Delve into detailed activity tracking. With precise control, managers monitor diverse tasks, projects, and workshops, ensuring comprehensive oversight to enhance productivity and support strategic decision-making.

Wondering How to Get Started?

Explore the Seamless Process Below for
Effortless Activity Management

Flow of the Application


Get started by downloading and installing our mobile application. Register within the app to unlock Super Admin privileges.


The Super Admin has the authority to create Sub Admins or Department Heads.


Establish employee's profiles based on their respective departments using their registered mobile numbers.


Employees are required to send SMS to a specified number using a designated format to record their check-in and check-out times.

The app automatically reads the SMS sent by employees, allowing for seamlesss attendance marking.


Employees are required to send SMS to a specific number in a prescribed format to log their daily productivity or activities.

The app automatically processes the SMS sent by employees, recording their productivity seamlessly.

Ever Wondered How the App Simplifies Your Activity Management?

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Anywhere Access

The App is your go-to solution for remote operations, effortlessly working in areas with limited internet or smartphone access, ensuring your business stays connected and productive.

SMS Attendance

Say goodbye to complex systems. This App simplifies attendance tracking with SMS communication, allowing users to clock in and out effortlessly through text messages from their registered mobile numbers.


Systematic Control

Take control with the App's granular control over user access and permissions. Whether you're a Super Admin, Admin, or employee, enjoy tailored access to features, enhancing security and privacy within the system.

Report Generation

Elevate your decision-making game with the App's detailed Excel reports. Gain comprehensive insights into attendance and activities, empowering you to make informed and strategic decisions for your business success.

Have More Questions on Your Mind?

Absolutely! The app is designed to operate seamlessly in regions with limited connectivity, making it an ideal solution for businesses in various environments.

The activity management feature allows for detailed tracking of various tasks, projects, and workshops. Managers can efficiently monitor activities with precise control, enhancing productivity.

Yes, administrators can generate and download detailed Excel reports. These reports provide insights into attendance and activity data, supporting informed decision-making.

Absolutely! The app is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering a simple and intuitive interface for both administrators and users. Training requirements are minimal.

While the app provides a robust set of features, customization options are limited. However, the development team is open to feedback and continually works to enhance the user experience.

This platform is particularly advantageous for companies with remote field teams operating in areas with restricted technology access. It caters to organizations seeking a simplified yet effective method for remote workers to submit attendance and daily activities without relying on smartphones or internet connectivity.